We may have news of a very exciting development for the hard-copy ‘No Nonsense Phonics‘ programme which already has several schools using it successfully in Australia. The reputation of ‘No Nonsense Phonics‘ is growing across school communities because of its supportive ease-of-use for teaching and learning, rich cumulative content and notably great outcomes. When Raintree first published ‘No Nonsense Phonics Skills’, there was a supplier in Australia but now Phonics International Ltd is the sole publisher so schools currently have to come direct to David at support@phonicsinternational.com to order the resources available to buy.

Here is an overview of the resources:

No Nonsense Phonics

Our range of ready-made resources (to buy) can also be used with the first half (Units 6 of 12) of the free Phonics International programme. And the Phonics International resources can be used to complement and extend the code and spelling of No Nonsense Phonics. It’s a win-win as they say.

Our main site provides good information here:

Introduction to No Nonsense Phonics

And further information including training PowerPoints – one with my audio here:

About No Nonsense Phonics

So, we’ve had a little push and encouragement from schools in Australia to make our No Nonsense Phonics programme’s resources available in Australia itself. In fact, principals and teachers from various schools have urged us for some time. Now we’re seriously investigating this possibility.

Here are some examples of correspondence we have received from Australia:

“I’m sure you have noticed that we have more and more schools adopting NNP in [Australia]. Next year, our Structured Literacy Project is set to grow substantially, and I think it’s highly likely that we’ll see many more schools adopting an SSP program. I was wondering if you have any intention of finding another publisher in Australia, so that NNP becomes a more accessible option for our schools. I’d love to be able to assure schools that not only is NNP a fantastic option, it’s also locally available.”

“I get to see lots of different examples of SSP programs around the traps and I’m yet to come across one that compares.”

“In our group of schools, we have moved from two NNP school to 7, with another 2 about to adopt the program as well. Next year, I estimate we’ll have around another six of seven schools take up the program.”

“Of all the systematic, synthetic phonics programs I have come across, none comes close to No Nonsense Phonics. Our schools find it easy to adopt, engaging for the students and, most importantly, we have seen substantial improvement in student outcomes. The schools who use NNP report that it is a time-saver for teachers, because it aligns so well to the Science of Reading and covers so many aspects of Structured Literacy (phonics, handwriting, decoding, encoding, text study, vocabulary, comprehension) in short, sharp lessons. They also appreciate the incidental professional learning NNP provides for teachers who may not have been taught much about the alphabetic code in their initial teacher education.”

 “We absolutely still use Phonics International across the school & would never consider swapping to anything else! It simply works and is the best – tell any other school who asks that they should use it too! We bought out all of Lioncrest’s remaining stock of NNPS books so are using them up at the moment.”

Just a reminder that we provide a free range of resources for nursery-aged children that can be used prior to a full ‘systematic synthetic phonics’ programme so do take a look here:

Phonics International Pre-school Resources ‘Teeny Reading Seeds’ and ‘Phonics and Talk Time’ books

And our range of free overview Alphabetic Code Charts are used by various users around the world, take a look here:

Alphabetic Code Charts

I’ll update this post when we have more news for Australia, but in the meantime interested teachers can contact David at support@phonicsinternational.com .

***Superb feedback from Australia – using ‘No Nonsense Phonics’ in schools

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